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The Batman Batmobile makes a surprise cameo in Beyond the White Knight #3

The Batman Batmobile made a surprising cameo in the pages of DC Comics’ Beyond the White Knight # 3 by Sean Murphy!

In issue 3 of Beyond the White Knight, we find out that Bruce Wayne has sprung out of prison shortly after learning about a new Batman prowling the streets of Gotham City wearing some new tech.

And that Batman is Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond although in this universe, he’s working with the corrupt CEO Derek Powers later known in the animated series as Blight.

Its during a conversation between Powers and McGinnis that we get to see the muscle car turned vehicle of vengeance as seen in the 2022 movie directed by Matt Reeves and stars Robert Pattinson. Check out my The Batman review to learn more on that.

While we never get to see the beast in action, its a nice gesture to know that they are already planning to integrate this with the current Batman books regardless whether its set in the main DC Universe or some alternate reality.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview done regarding the creation of this Batmobile…

Every Batman film, in my opinion, starts with the car. After Matt’s take on Bruce, our first conversations were about, “What does that mean for the car?” It was the first piece of design we attacked. All the other designs go back to the car. We loved the idea that Bruce was a gearhead, that he spent a lot of time in the garage. It was a natural idea that he might have some other cars lying around the shop. So, as he was contemplating his mission, he says to himself, “I need a vehicle to get me around. What do I need that vehicle to do?”

Matt was talking about Christine and some other cars and films that really had a presence. We knew we wanted it to be a car and not a tank. We wanted the audience to recognize that it was something they could build themselves. We started with the frame, the big steel bumper. We used the roof from a ‘69 Charger because we felt like he’d built this frame and was like, “Well, I need a roof.” So he cut the roof off this car and slapped it on there.

The idea was that he is being led by his needs, not by design choices. With the cowl, you’re seeing the stitching in the leather. You look at it and say, “Oh, I see how they made that. I could build that.” It’s not like a piece of machined plastic. It’s a real thing that someone actually made with their own hands. I think that gives Batman a tremendous vulnerability.

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