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Cebu Pacific Air releases official statement over pilot’s malicious claims on VP Leni Robredo

Trending story today and yesterday was this social media post by a Cebu Pacific pilot that aimed to maligned current PH vice president, Leni Robredo, bringing out false claims about her recent air travel.

A little context, the VP has flown the US to attend the graduation of her daughter, Jillian Robredo. This prompted the Cebu Pac pilot Van Ranoa from posting a public Facebook post about a recent incident involving the vice president and air travel.


The post has since been taken down by the Facebook user. But then developments occured when Cebu Pacific itself released a statement about this viral FB post. The company writes:


Since becoming aware of the social media post by one of our pilots in reference to a flight of Vice President Leni Robredo, I confirm that the pilot has made it clear to us that he had no basis for his claim and was purely speculative and careless on his part.
While the pilot posted his commentary on his own accord, a post he has since removed, on behalf of Cebu Pacific, and as Head of our Pilot Group, I take command responsibility and apologize unreservedly to the Vice President and the general public for the actions of our pilot. As professional aviators and free citizens of this country, we are free to express opinions, but we are also expected to carry out our roles and duties with utmost discernment and caution.
Cebu Pacific has very strict social media policies covering all of its employees and such a post should not have been published. This is recognized by the said pilot himself. He is currently under disciplinary review in accordance with our Company rules and standards.
Captain Sam Avila
VP-Flight Operations
Cebu Pacific Air


And before that there was another post:

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