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Norman Osborn’s grandson Normie Osborn becomes another symbiote host

Spoilers from the Free Comic Book Day Spider-Man/ Venom book focusing on what’s to come in the ongoing Venom book by Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch.

In the pages of the FCBD issue for 2022, we find out that Eddie Brock formerly known as Venom and the current god of the symbiotes has been lost in space and its up to his son Dylan Brock and former symbiote Venom to find a way to find him and stop the trouble brewing on Earth. Venom’s pretty slick and powerful but he does need allies to do that which is why he enlists the help of his friend Normie Osborn, the grandson of Green Goblin himself, Norman Osborn, to become a symbiote host.

Dylan’s prepared a special symbiote he put in a jar for this situation and in the next page, we see Venom and Normie in his symbiote form jumping off.

Interestingly enough, the design for Normie Osborn’s new suit is very much like his grandfather’s Red Goblin costume from a few years back. Here’s a reference for Red Goblin in case you haven’t encountered the character…

He even has the tail from Red Goblin’s design weaved into his. We’re also seeing a bit of Toxin in there in terms of colorway they used.  Either way I’m interested to see what will happen to Eddie and Dylan Brock and how their dynamic will change when they finally find each other.

In the past, these two kids bonded together during Donny Cates’ run on Venom where we also got to meet Dylan for the first time. Spider-Man introduced the two kids to each other as a way to find a sense of camaraderie. It was later revealed that Dylan had more connection to the symbiotes that they had thought which plays deep into the current run.

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