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OPPO A76 Review

Here’s my OPPO A76 review which is now out in the market with SRP Php11,900. It features a 6.56 display, 13MP main camera + 2MP depth camera / 8MP selfie camera / Adreno 610 and more!

oppo a76 review



The design for the OPPO A76 is pretty much standard OPPO flair. The front features a pinhole style camera in the front.

oppo a76 review

The back sports your standard plastic casing with a matte finish. Very standard with no fuss or frills.

oppo a76 review

You’ll also see the AI dual camera system that it incorporates; more on that later, but design-wise, they don’t pop out or protude too much compared to other phones in the market today.

oppo a76 review

On the right side of the phone, you’ll see the finger scanner exclusively…

oppo a76 review

The left side of the phone features the volume rocker and the SIM tray.

oppo a76 review

At the bottom of the smartphone, you’ll have your usual speaker, USB port and headphone jack.

oppo a76 review



The display for the OPPO A76 packs an ideal punch. It features a 6.56 inch LCD display with 90Hz refresh rate, 1612 x 720 resolution plus a pixel density of 269ppi. The display and the screen is good enough for your standard gaming, streaming and browsing needs with vibrant colors and good viewing angles. I would be raving also if they didn’t package it with an HD+ display.

Just like standard Android phones in the market today, you can also play around with the display settings like shift between light and dark mode as well as “Gentle” and “Vivid” color mode.


This phone features a standard downward firing sound thanks to the speakers located at the bottom of the phone together with the headphone jack. The sound quality is also pretty standard and nothing really solid to write about.

OPPO A76 Review – Camera

Zooming capabilities

Panorama view

Portrait Mode / Main Camera

oppo a76 review

Portrait mode using the main camera shows decent output for the “bokeh effect”

Low light and Night

OPPO A76 low light shot



For selfies, you can expect decent selfie photos using the front camera.

Here’s a sample of the video output for the OPPO A76.

Performance, UX, UI

Here’s what the storage of the A76 looks like the moment you finish setting up.

Thanks to the bloatware, it kind of balloons up in terms of free storage but an experienced Android user knows exactly what to do. OPPO’s standard UI also makes for a smooth transition while navigating and using the phone.



I also ran the OPPO A76 with various benchmarking apps and they brought out the following results:

Geekbench: 382 (single core score) / 1510 (multi core score)


OPPO A76 Review – Verdict

This is definitely an OK smartphone that’s perfect for consumers who want a quality smartphone although at this point in time, it’s a little lagging compared to other smartphones at the same price range.

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