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Terry Crews joins the Guardians of the Galaxy… in a different way

Brooklyn 99 star Terry Crews officially shows up as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise, but not as how you’d think.

Apparently he shot scenes for an upcoming Disney World ride which casts him as Centurion Tal Marik, a member of the Nova Corps. The Nova Corps were the military force in Xandar, which was also the setting of the climax of the first movie directed by James Gunn.

Crews’ appearance here will also complement the appearance of Glen Close, who will reprise her role from the first movie.

The casting is likely stemmed from Crews’ interaction with the GOTG director who posted his desire to have ROM the Space Knight in his future Guardians projects but is sadly unable to do so because of IP/ Copyright issues concerning the silver armored spaceman.

And check out what Disney posted about Terry Crews joining the Guardians of the Galaxy…

Meanwhile, the real Guardians of the Galaxy will next appear in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder where they will appear alongside the film’s star Chris Hemsworth. Check out the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer below:

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