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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness stuntman gets Clea issue as reference material

One of the stunt men working for Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness continues to tease the appearance of Clea Strange, Doctor Strange’s future wife somewhere at the end of Multiverse of Madness.

Just to give you an idea why we’re even talking about Clea, there was supposed rumors/ leaks months ago that Clea Strange will be appearing at the end of Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Dark dimension sorceress and Stephen Strange’s future wife was rumored to be played by Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road).


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Mark Wagner posted on his Instagram the comic book he was gifted by Sam Raimi which he also captioned as Sam Raimi’s reference material.

So what could that mean?

It means that Raimi was reading this issue which featured Sara Wolfe, Wong and Clea. Check out the synopsis for Doctor Strange # 48 below:

Dr. Strange and Sara Wolfe are on an errand at the bank when it’s suddenly held up by some would-be bank robbers. Strange uses his mystical powers to frighten the crooks into surrendering. Surprisingly, Strange’s astral form is seen by Morgana Blessing, a writer who had come to the bank to make a deposit and faints. Strange revives her, and leaves the bank. Morgana is told by one of the bank patrons that Strange deals in the occult, information which strikes Morgana as intriguing.

Later that evening while Strange relaxes with Clea and Wong they are suddenly visited by Brother Voodoo. Brother Voodoo has arrived asking Dr. Strange for help, and retells his origins and his first battle against a man who was possessed by the spirit of Damballah. He explains that after the battle ended he took possession of the Wangal of Damballah, the mystical amulet that allowed those who wear it to be possessed by Damballah. He had the Wangal stashed away inside his New Orleans Mansion. Recently the mansion was attacked by followers of Damballah who set it ablaze seriously injuring Voodoo’s aid, Bambu.

With the story finished, Strange believes that there is something amiss with Brother Voodoo’s tale and restrains him and uses the Eye of Agamotto on the Voodoo Master. To everyone’s surprise, Brother Voodoo himself is wearing the Wangal of Damballa and is under the demon’s control. Damballah flees the scene, with possession of Jericho’s brother’s soul, Strange chases after it, telling Voodoo to stay behind as he is the only one with the strength to stop the demon. Damballah meanwhile has found a new host body in a snake within a pet shop, transforming it into a humanoid serpent monster, which manages to flee from Dr. Strange before he can contain it.

Strange sends out his astral form to try and locate the creature and destroy it. Anticipating this move, Damballah had set up an illusion and uses it to keep Strange occupied long enough to possess the Sorcerer Supreme’s body. Strange realizes he’s been tricked and rushes back to his body where he travels into the astral plane and battles the creature and forces it out of his body before it can cause him to strangle a horse carriage driver. Once more in control of his body, Strange tracks the spirit to a hide out of his followers, where Damballah takes control of all of them and has them all send mystical attacks against Strange. As Strange is occupied with this attack, Damballah makes another bid to possess Brother Voodoo’s body, but meets opposition from Clea when she erects a mystical barrier barring Damballah.

Having dealt with his followers, Strange sends his Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto ahead to ensnare Damballah and then uses a mystical spell to separate Damballah from the spirit of Daniel Drumm and return it to Jericho’s body. He then casts a magic spell to trap Damballah within the Wangal of Damballah forever. With the crisis averted, Brother Voodoo thanks Dr. Strange for his help and departs, leaving Clea to wonder if Voodoo used teleportation to enter and leave the Sanctum, or simply just climbed through the chimney.

So it could be a reference material for Sara Wolfe or a reference material for Clea. Logically speaking this could be to understand Sara but we could also be seeing what Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) read in order to direct scenes with Clea Strange.

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