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SLIMES Announces Free NFTs to Welcome Newcomers Into the World of Web3

The SLIMES team announces a limited supply of free NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The collection of interactive art will be available to mint on the Ethereum blockchain in late March and will feature 9,888 candy-colored SLIMES, which is an acronym for Silly Little Infected Magical Energy Superstars.

A generous supply of 3,000 SLIMES NFTs will be available to be claimed for free and the remaining supply will be offered as a paid mint.



The idea for SLIMES first emerged in July of 2021 amid the pandemic. While everyone around the world was stuck at home doing their best to stay safe, Ardie Aquino, an award-winning artist in the Philippines, and Eugene Baldovino, a creative professional in Hollywood brainstormed ideas for an interactive story told with NFTs. Eventually, Sara Robertson from the Bronx, NY who has been coding since she was 8 years old joined the team to write the NFT smart contract.

On a deeper level, slime is symbolic of psychological and physical barriers we all struggle with. None of us are perfect. We all have regrets, scars, illnesses, and shame, but through experimentation, education, and community, we can work around our limitations and even break free from them.


The SLIMES are a group of dysfunctional friends at a music festival who have been cursed with a coating of supernatural slime that brutally destroys its hosts. And this crew of bewitched misfits must capture the hateful wizard Pandorokus to reverse the evil spell before they and their loved ones dissolve into sacks of sludge.

The SLIMES NFTs will serve as a mint pass to claim additional NFT comic books the team plans to release every 6-8 weeks after their collection is released. Eugene Baldovino will be writing the multi-year comic book series with Ardie Aquino as the artist. And Sara Robertson will handle the coding for the smart contracts to be able to introduce various utilities such as merging NFT comic books to create new items or burning NFT comic books in exchange for their token called SLIMES Universe Points (SUP), which will be used to upgrade their SLIMES NFTs in the future by adding accessories and even evolving their characters as the storyline in the comic books progresses.

For the first issue of the SLIMES comic book, it was important to feature a mythical creature from the Philippines called Tikbalang. Ardie Aquino wanted to present his artistic take on the legendary monster from his homeland, while Eugene Baldovino was interested in exploring his Filipino roots and acknowledging the country for helping make NFTs mainstream with blockchain gaming.


While the SLIMES team is building their magical universe and creating emotional stories with their characters, they believe in a Web3 idea called “decentralized intellectual property” where every owner of a SLIMES NFT is allowed co-ownership of unlimited worldwide commercial licensing rights to their character to create their own stories and sell merchandise.

With funds raised in the future, the SLIMES team will support members of their community to possibly create the next Mandalorian tv series or even the next Tokidoki fashion line with their SLIMES NFT characters.


Learn more about SLIMES here:

WEBSITE, https://www.slimes.fun/

TWITTER, https://twitter.com/SLIMESfun

DISCORD, https://discord.com/invite/6QCGpUcvrT

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