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Hot Toys Peacemaker preview images

Here’s a look at the upcoming Hot Toys Peacemaker images which was recently shared online on the Hot Toys Facebook and Instagram page based on the Peacemaker TV show streaming on HBO Max/ HBO Go written and directed by James Gunn and stars John Cena.

Here’s what they wrote on the Hot Toys Facebook page:

Peacemaker – 1/6th scale Peacemaker Collectible Figure】
“I made a vow to have peace, no matter how many people I have to kill to get it.” – Peacemaker
Picking up where 2021’s The Suicide Squad left off, DC’s recently released series – Peacemaker follows a violent vigilante who believes in achieving peace at any cost – no matter how many people he has to kill for it in the process. He was one of the members of the second Task Force X strike team sent on a mission to Coro Maltese.
In response to the immense fame of the character, Hot Toys is pleased to officially introduce the highly-anticipated 1/6th scale Peacemaker collectible figure with shiny silver chrome helmets from the Peacemaker collection.
Sophisticatedly crafted with striking likeness of Peacemaker’s appearance portrayed by John Cena in the action series, the 1/6th scale figure features a newly developed helmet head and an interchangeable helmet covered in silver chrome finish with details, an attachable tongue to create alternate expressions, a specially tailored outfit, weapons including a sword, an axe, and a figure stand. The sidekick of the show – Eagly will also come as a 1/6th scale accessory with spread wings for complete collector experience.
Be sure to pick-up the fantastic 1/6th scale Peacemaker collectible figure now to add to your proud DC collection!
#Peacemaker #Eagly #DC #HotToys #Collectibles #sixthscale

It looks like they won’t be pushing for guns for this release. Maybe they have a DX version coming out soon. They didn’t even include the shield. But at the very least, we get a 1/6th Eagly figure that’s fully articulated. This is also based on both The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker TV series.

Check out more photos below:

Lastly this won’t be a Peacemaker post without posting that epic Peacemaker intro from the HBO Max show.

What do you think of the Hot Toys Peacemaker 1/6th scale figure? Leave a comment below and Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more toys and geek news!

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