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Marvel Minimates changing format starting with Marvel Minimates series 82 with the Fantastic Four

The Marvel Minimates toyline is changing format starting with Marvel Minimates series 82 which is a new Fantastic Four wave based on the characters’ updated looks in the comics!

Here’s the breakdown of the characters that will be coming in this set:

  • Reed Richards / Mr Fantastic
  • Sue Richards / Invisible Woman
  • Johnny Storm / Human Torch
  • Ben Grimm / The Thing
  • Victor Von Doom / Infamous Iron Man
  • Obsidian Surfer

While they officially count it as six figures, you have to count HERBIE as the seventh because why the hell not. Sure he replaced Johnny Storm for a while in the animated series in the 60s but he’s still part of the team in one form or another.

The Marvel Minimates series 86 is currently on preorder and it’ll cost you around $50.

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