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Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home Wave 2 Figures we want to see

Let’s do a little bit of speculating since there’s still ample time before Marvel and Hasbro make any official announcements. Here are some Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home wave 2 figures we want to see in the future!

Spider-Man’s cloth suit

Hasbro already did the Integrated Suit and the Black and Gold Suit for the Armadillo BAF so why not give us the suit that Peter Parker wore at the end of No Way Home. It’s a cloth suit and looking much like the suit he wears for decades already. It’s already got some big differences from the suits that Garfield and Maguire wore so it will still stand out.

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

spider-man no way home tobey maguire

It’s been a long time since we had a really good Tobey Spidey figure and some of them weren’t as nearly as articulated as the basic figures that Hasbro has been coming up with. As such, for Wave 2 for NWH, I really want a Tobey Spider-Man figure.

Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-ManĀ 

spider-man no way home amazing spider-man

Norman Osborn / Green GoblinĀ 

Norman Osborn’s the thorn in Spider-Man’s side and NWH is definitely not any different. So it would be right to add in a new Goblin figure based on the likeness of actor Willem Dafoe. Again, like Tobey, it has been years since we got an update Green Goblin Raimiverse figure. So why not now right Hasbro?

Doctor Octopus

Though I’m still not sure if Hasbro could go for a recast of the recent Doc Ock release or get a new figure to use, its a must to have the update Otto Octavius figure complete with metal arms with the nanobots he took from Peter Parker in the film.


Jamie Foxx’s Electro could be the weakest link in the second wave but we need him especially if we want to recreate the battle atop the new and improved Statue of Liberty. We also did get an Electro figure in the past based on his appearance in Amazing Spider-Man 2 with blue all over his skin.

The Lizard

Wouldn’t hurt to get another one right? Maybe have another different variation.


This one needs to be a build-a-figure or a BAF like what they did with the Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2 wave from years ago.

Or even just the humanoid version of Flint Marco which was already done some time ago…

So there we have it, some of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home wave 2 figures we all want to see and get! What do you guys think? Is there a character or a figure in this list that we missed? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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