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Fighting Armor Black Panther figure from Sentinel Toys

Sentinel Toys or just Sentinel has shared new images for the upcoming Fighting Armor Black Panther figure based on the Marvel character of the same name!

You can check out more images for the Fighting Armor Black Panther below:

The Black Panther is currently on pre-order and will cost around Php5000++. It is scheduled for release around June 2022 and is the fifth figure to be released for this line. Other Sentinel Fighting Armor figures that have already been released includes:

Fighting Armor Captain America

Fighting Armor Deadpool

Fighting Armor Wolverine

Fighting Armor Spider-Man

Really wish they weren’t super expensive because they would look so nice in my collection!

Also it would have been really awesome if the figure had a bit of connection to the Marvel Studios Black Panther movie which starred Chadwick Boseman. At the very least we can hope that elements from the design of this figure could make it into the Black Panther sequel officially titled Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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