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This Cebu couple used battered Cebu locations from #OdettePH got mixed results

Check out this Cebuano couple who continued their prenup shoot in various locales after #OdettePH or Typhoon Odette with serious post-apocalyptic vibes which also garnered some mixed reactions from people in the Internet and on Facebook.

The couple is identified as Marlon and Christina and their photographer was Anthony Hejie Suralta who also posted these photos on Facebook.

The caption for the photos write:

Bumaha’t Bumagyo
Nalugmok man ang Cebu
Tayo pa rin hanggang dulo


Marlon & Cristina

MUA: Scarlet Trasporte Tumalon
Hair: Alvin Alforo
Gown: White Mannequin


I understand that they have a specific message that they want to convey but the release of the photos plus the current plight of the people affected by the typhoon Odette was just ill-timed. Plus it also doesn’t help that it looks like they were celebrating despite what other people are suffering right. And before the post got taken down, a lot of netizens were showing their disdain for this. Personally though I get what they were trying to say, both the couple and the photographer. But the timing was really bad. Nothing would have happened if they delayed the posting by a few days plus it would be able to hit the target. Just not right away.

As mentioned, the photos and the posts have since been taken down.

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