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Hawkeye kills The Hulk – Civil War II # 3

Here’s another spotlight on Clint Barton aka Hakeye from the Civil War II era of Marvel. Let’s look at the time Hawkeye kills the Hulk.

This all happened in Civil War II by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez.

So in the series, it’s Captain Marvel who comes into a philosophical argument against Iron Man aka Tony Stark whether they should take the predictions of a young Inhuman boy who develops the power of precognition. Carol Danvers wants to use these predictions to stop it from happening while Stark doesn’t trust these predictions. The two and their allies come to blows a number of times throughout the series but the fight gets really ugly when Ulysses gets a vision that Bruce Banner turns into a very unstoppable Hulk that ends up destroying Earth.

Carol and her team pay Banner a visit and get into an argument about whether he should be put down or not. While arguing, an arrow is shot and hits Banner dead center.

After shooting Banner and before he gets beaten up by his comrades, Clint surrenders…

During the trial for the murder of Bruce Banner, its revealed that Banner and Barton had a deal. At this point in time, Banner asks his friend Clint Barton to use a specialized arrow to take him down. The request that if he ever turns back into the Hulk, Clint needs to kill him.


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