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OtaCute holds its first on-site cosplay event in Manila since the pandemic called Otasuke Cosplay Festival by Otacute

Japanese events company OtaCute, announced last November 18, 2021 that the company will be holding a cosplay event in Manila on December 11, 2021 called “Otasuke Cosplay Festival by Otacute”. The 1-day event is free of entrance to the users of their cosplay social app, “Otasuke!”.

Otasuke Cosplay Festival by Otacute will host the Final Round of the Otasuke app Cosplay Competition. The event is also filled with live performances from the Female Artist Duo “polar” composed of former MNL48 members Ashley Garcia and Faith Santiago and idol performances from the cosplay idol group “AIDreamin!”.

This event will be one of the pioneer cosplay events in Manila since the start of the pandemic.

Full details of the event is posted on Otacute’s Facebook Page:

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