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Kitchie Nadal reacts to Kitchie Na Doll toy

Singer songwriter Kitchie Nadal posted a hilarious photo of a “Kitchie Na Doll” which was sent to her.

Take a look at her post after the cut.

So there was apparently a doll being sold online that’s called “Kitchie Na Doll” which was based on her name or rather a pun on her name.

It looks like this is a generic doll that’s mass produced somewhere in Asia but the packaging is where its really at. The former frontwoman for the band Mojofly is now living abroad and she was sent this photo from somebody in the Philippines.

It’s pretty funny how she’s really unsure whether this is true or not but the hilarity comes in the fact that she’s really surprise that there’s a doll that exists based on her name.

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