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STEADY AND STRONG – MOK celebrates second anniversary with month-long treats and gifts

MOK celebrates second anniversary with month-long treats and gifts for fans and consumers!

Since its entry into the PH market in 2019, MOK has successfully empowered adult  smokers to drop traditional cigarettes and switch to a better alternative.  

Enthusiasts have been constantly raving about how they are able to make the  difficult transition because of MOK’s highly intuitive lineup of heat-not-burn devices  that are user-friendly and stylish on the hand. In addition, the technology behind  the MOK devices allows for more usage, faster charging times, and efficient  heating. 

MOK also offers a wide selection of specially designed heat-not-burn sticks, called  COO, to capture the preferences of discerning smokers who have various tastes. 

“I’ve never lit up a cigarette stick again since I started using MOK a year and a half  ago. It’s been a smooth transition for me. There’s less guilt and I really enjoy the  experience. My smoker friends who were only initially curious got one for  themselves and have made the switch to MOK as well,” says Galant Bernardino,  45-year-old investment banker. 

Over the past two years, MOK has also been grabbing a significant chunk from the  traditional cigarette category as it is made easily and responsibly available to adult  smokers through official shops — both online and physical — nationwide. 

November of this year marks a milestone for MOK as it celebrates its second  anniversary with tens of thousands of users at its core. Current users and future  enthusiasts will be enjoying a lineup of special treats and gifts throughout the  month available through its official online and physical stores. 

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