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First Look at the live-action Gundam RX-78 for the Gundam movie

Here’s our first look at the live-action Gundam RX-78 for the Gundam movie which will be directed by Kong: Skull Island Jordan Vogt-Roberts for Netflix!

No word yet when the Gundam movie will come out but what we know so far is that it will be done by Sunrise and Legendary, the same people who kickstarted the whole Gundam frenzy all those years ago.

Also its really nice that they went with the original Gundam series as opposed to other series under the franchise. Plus today’s generation of grown-ups and their kids are familiar with this one. Remember they also used the “Lolo Gundam” or Gundam-RX-2 in the climatic battle of Ready Player One…

And in case you’re not familiar with the works of Jordan Vogt-Roberts, check out my Kong: Skull Island review and watch the trailer below:

Also apparently the Gundam movie won’t be making an appearance in China.

Oh and Brian K. Vaughn will be writing the script for the film; so this should be really good. Some of his works includes:

Y: The Last Man


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