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Alienware Celebrates 25 Years of Defying Boundaries

The day is October 15, 1996. Before that time, there wasn’t a true computer dedicated to serving PC gamers that existed on the marketplace. Yet, wildly popular titles like Doom (1993), Civilizations II (1996) and Quake (1996) had rallied together a community of game enthusiasts and passionate techies enthralled in what the early days of PC gaming had to offer.


Inside a garage near Miami, two friends were busy day and night digging through crates of loose components and swapping them in and out of beige rectangular PC builds (considered ancient relics by today’s standards) like mad scientists trying to perfect their secret formula. Only few ever-set foot inside this DIY chop-shop as it was off-limits to protect to the integrity of the project, like that of a (un)known location in the Nevada desert. It was here on Oct 15, 1996 that marked the launchpad for a daring new company with the vision of building custom, high-performance gaming computers for gamers everywhere.

We are delighted to share this milestone with you in celebrating Alienware’s 25 years of defying boundaries. Take a look at its innovation-filled journey below:

Want to relive the good ol’ days of booting your PC game in 1996? Check out our time capsule below:

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