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PUBG Mobile: 5 tips for beginners who are struggling to win

With the launch of Player Unknown’s BattleGround aka PUBG, it has received immense popularity and made the genre of battle royal very famous. To meet the increasing need of game lovers, PUBG mobile has also been launched. Now, you can play this thrilling game on your iOS and Android devices. Interestingly, a complicated game like PUBG runs very smoothly on our mobiles. 

There are certain differences between the PC version and the mobile version of PUBG. One needs to change their gameplay when they are using mobile PUBG. Here, 5 of the most useful tips are mentioned to help you win PUBG mobile. So, if you are a beginner, this article will be your best guide. Even for seasoned players, these tips and tricks will be useful.

Best 5 tips for beginners

PUBG is a game of fight and survival. You cannot master this game without a proper guide. In this article, you get to know tips and hacks suggested by pro PUBG players, which are tried and tested for many years. So, if you really wish to make your game better and feast on the chicken dinners, keep all these tips in mind while playing.

  • Control setup

In PUBG, when you move, you can see a virtual controller on your left side. Players usually use their right thumb to control the aiming. You need to use the controllers on your right side for crouching, firing, aiming, and accessing the backpack. Thankfully, you can change the position, size, and transparency of the controllers according to your convenience. One can also store multiple layouts for each access. So, you can experiment here. Find out which buttons you can control easily and set the keys accordingly. By setting the layout according to your skill, you can bring significant changes to your game. 

  • Use the map

In the mobile version, the map is very useful. When using PUBG mobile, apart from the markers, you also see a dotted line leading you to the market from your location. You can also monitor the distance between your place and the marker. Thus, one can choose the best jumping time so that he can hang near his desired location. On the right of your screen, you’ll notice a mini map. This one is also useful. You need to keep track of the mini-map for tracking gun fires and vehicle movements. When checking the mini map, you stay alert about the approaching dangers and take necessary precautions. The mini map also helps you to plan your attack. So, one of the best pubg hacks is, keep checking the mini map every three minutes. 

  • Keep moving

PUBG mobile has some interesting features. For example, if you press your left thumb when your character moves around, you can see a pop-up running icon. If you press that running icon, the character will go to automatic sprinting mode. Thus, there will be no need to hold down that button. While the auto sprinting mode is on, the player can take the camera and check the surroundings. Your direction of running will be the same when you do all this. You can find the camera icon below the map. Thus, you can easily check the location of your enemies, and as you are running, no one can hit you easily.

  • Easy looting

The mobile version of PUBG has an added feature. Here, you automatically pick weapons on your way. Thus, after loot, all the compatible weapons will be added to your cache automatically. This feature helps beginners as they struggle to get as many supplies as possible. But always make sure that you are moving while checking your backpack and picking up weapons. If you stay in one place, there are high chances of getting shot. 

  • Shooting mechanism

To some extent, PUBG is a shooting game. You need to be an excellent shooter to win this game. Aiming and hitting your targets becomes essential as you move forward. The best shooting tip will be, use both of your hands while shooting. You will see two shooting icons on each side of your screen. Both the icons do the same job. Instead of using one icon, you must use both. Because the wars can get brutal, you need to use both your hands for quicker and more accurate shots. When you use both the buttons, you can aim with one hand and shoot with the other. 


These are some of the most genuine tips and tricks that can polish your game and make you a better player. Practicing PUBG the right way is the key to success. So, use all these tips and become a pro player of PUBG mobile

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