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Kingdom Hearts’ Sora is the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character

Nintendo continues the trend of importing Square Enix and Disney characters in their popular game Super Smash Bros Ultimate by announcing the arrival of the final DLC character for the game – Kingdom Hearts’ Sora!

Check out the announcement trailer for Kingdom Hearts’ Sora below

Judging from the trailer that they released yesterday, it looks like Sora is a fast and light character which makes for quick and easy attacks using his famous Keyblade as well as some magic attacks. And because he’s a light character, Sora will be a good pick for new players or those who want to get back into the Smash Bros groove.

Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora will also bring in his own stage that resembles the Hollow Bastion area as it appeared in the first Kingdom Hearts game. I’m pretty sure that there will be other Kingdom Hearts costumes that can be bought or unlocked.

Lastly there will be a total of 9 tracks from the game series getting ported over to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate including Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora will be part of the volume 2 bundle which is due for release October 18 and also includes characters like Min Min (Arms), Steve (Minecraft), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7), Pyra/Mythra (Xenoblade Chronicles), and Kazuya (Tekken). This bundle pack with all the DLC characters will be priced at U$D 30 starting October 18, 2021.

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