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Kuya Kim Atienza now a Kapuso; Promises to give more details on October 1 episode of TV Patrol

Kuya Kim Atienza now a Kapuso and will be having his own TV show in GMA-7.

Longtime TV Patrol talent and Matanglawin host Kim Atienza or Kuya Kim has all but much confirmed that he will be hosting his own new show in the Kapuso network. In fact there were even photos that were shared online where we see Kuya Kim shooting his OBB or Opening Break Bumper for his show in GMA Network.

Credits: TikTok/ Facebook

In the photo you can see that Atienza is riding his motorcycle and wearing denim jeans, boots and a leather jacket as he rolls into the GMA Network building in Quezon City. The shoot was done reportedly on September 28 and was shot at 9AM.

According to various sources Atienza will be getting two shows when he moves over to the Kapuso network.

Rumors then started that this wasn’t Kuya Kim until Atienza himself went live on Facebook that night. In his Facebook Live, he says:

“Alam ko bakit napakaraming mga viewers natin ngayon, lalung-lalo na sa Facebook, kasi may mga kumalat na post tungkol sa mga gagawin ko daw sa mga susunod na araw, mga desisyon na gagawin ko sa mga susunod na araw. For those who follow me here on Facebook and YouTube, Kuwentuhan with Kuya Kim, remember, a couple of weeks ago, I was… I told you to pray for me because I am in transition. Remember that? I will always be very truthful to you, my Facebook and YouTube followers, utang na loob ko sa inyo for following me and for being with me through hard times and good times. And that period of transition is still ongoing. Transition.

“What does transition mean? Transition is moving from Point A to Point B. This is what I can say: the transition is real.”

Still on the subject of his current work, Kuya Kim also informs his viewers that they should watch the October 1, Friday, episode of TV Patrol which he describes would be a “historical day”. He then adds that he cannot tell the specifics. He did say that he will be truthful when he goes on-air in his TV Patrol segment.

“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. But, you know, because when you follow me here on Facebook and YouTube, that Kuya Kim has been in transition, and has been praying for transition, peaceful transition and peaceful seamless transition. You know, I’ve been gifted by the Lord with signs whenever I pray for signs, whenever I have to make a big decision. I pray for signs, and the signs have been so clear whenever it’s His will. Whenever it’s His will, the signs are so clear in the decision I make.”

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