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Hasbro announces new Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Wave featuring Black Suit Spidey, Ben Reilly, Spider-Armor Mk 1 and more!

Here’s a quick recap of the new action figures that were revealed at the Hasbro Marvel Legends Fan First Monday that went live last night which heavily revolved around the Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man wave with a nice balance of members of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery and various iterations of the wallcrawler.

Check out the figures that were revealed yesterday, after the cut!

Marvel Legends Symbiote Spider-Man

Marvel Legends Hobgoblin (Retro Wave)

According to the Hasbro boys, they tweaked the look for Hobgoblin by giving him a more animated look as well as removing the scale mail look for the figure.

Marvel Legends Ben Reilly Spider-Man

marvel legends retro spider-man wave ben reilly

Marvel Legends Hammerhead

Marvel Legends Hammerhead

This figure will sport a new head, some nice accessories like brass knuckles and a baseball bat. The figure will also come out of the packaging with a new suited look with a bigger and broader sculpt.

Marvel Legends Spider-Armor Mk 1

This figure is one of the most-requested figures from fans and comes in a new sculpt with great colors AND a nice webbing accessory which you can stick to weapons for a combat worn look.

Marvel Legends Shocker

These figures are now on pre-order thru various websites and merchants. What do you guys think of these figures? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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