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The Housemaid Review – a bold direction for Kylie Verzosa

Here’s my The Housemaid review which is now streaming on Vivamax and stars Kylie Verzosa, Albert Martinez, Alma Moreno and Jaclyn Jose! The film is directed by Roman Perez Jr.

Kylie Versoza goes sexy with her new film for Viva Films and streaming on Vivamax. The film is a local remake of the 2010 film of the same title.

Watch The Housemaid trailer below:

This film’s highly stylized with moody cinemtography that perfectly fits the dark and mature theme it follows. The story follows Verzosa as a naive and innocent girl that’s been hired to attend the needs of a rich man’s pregnant wife (Louise delos Reyes). She bonds with the couple’s daughter and starts a sexual liaison with the husband (Albert Martinez). Things go south from there when she gets pregnant and then things take a turn for worst as the movie continues to run.

Kylie Verzosa’s take role here is both daring and endearing and the framing of the film really did help viewers understand to some extent what she’s been doing. Whether she’s acting all prim and proper to ultimately succumbing to her dark intentions, she’s doing a great job. Wasn’t even expecting her to really do a love scene with veteran Albert Martinez who returns to movies after years working on TV projects. You’ll see both in the way they shot the scenes and her body movements that she’s confident with what she’s doing. Sorry to burst your bubble too fanboys but there’s just a right amount of skin here. This isn’t a skin flick after all. Just enough to make the film sexy.

Meanwhile through the POV of Jaclyn Jose’s character, we get to see a darker side of the family from Albert Martinez’s cheating ass to Louise Delos Reyes’ conniving rich bitch to Alma Moreno and her manipulations. I also liked Jose’s character being another POV character for the story. She’s the eyes and the mouthpiece of things that are rather not said about the family.

Louise delos Reyes was a surprise here in the film. Not only did she have an awkward love scene here but also did some really great acting. If there’s anything its that she and the rest of the cast suffer from bad pacing from the script or there’s just too much “required over reacting” for the main cast.

The movie glitters thanks to the atmospheric and dark imagery. Even in mundane scenes gets the moody and edgy tone thanks to expert lighting and cinematography. You’ll also notice that as the film progresses, the way the colors in the film gets darker and darker. Also liked that at the end of the film, when things get bleak, we get this faux sense of happiness and cheer amidst the chaos and insanity. Pretty good.

Speaking of the ending, that was pretty shocking. Expect a big shocker here folks and it may not sit well with you. You can even think that it’s disturbing to some extent. Consider this your trigger warning friends.

The Housemaid review – Verdict


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