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Mineta fell for Deku – My Hero Academia chapter 321

One of the more controversial stuff that came out in recent chapters of Boku No Hero Academia was the scene that revealed that Mineta fell for Deku.

In My Hero Academia chapter 321, the UA class 1A continues to try to catch their wayward classmate Izuku Midoriya who has gone through his 90s grim and gritty phase  with fans referring to him as “Dark Deku”.

And while Deku was making his escape, Mineta attaches to him to and like his other classmates, he presents his case as to why Midoriya was important to him. And he even admits that he “fell” for Deku during the first time they encountered the League of Villains.

Mineta falls for deku mha 321

He was referring to this arc from the anime too.

This was the first real heavy interaction they had with each other with together with Froppy (who also had dropped some solid lines in chapter 320). This was where Deku suggested creative uses for Mineto’s sticky powers. This arc also showed how much of a natural leader Deku really is and the potential he has as a hero like his idol All Might.

It looks like this was a mistranslation too which many fans were quick to point out; this also sounds more like the logical approach to this little bit of detail. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon. I did like the back and forth between those that liked the idea of Mineta falling for Deku and the fans who don’t like the idea. It makes for some interesting read on social media.

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