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Space Jam A New Legacy Review

Is LeBron James the GOAT when it comes to cartoon crossovers or does Michael Jordan still hold that special place? Here’s my Space Jam A New Legacy review which is out now on HBO Max which stars LeBron James and featuring Zendaya as Lola Bunny.

space jam a new legacy


Space Jam 2 is set in the current time with LeBron James being forced to work with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes to save his son Dom from the clutches of the computer program called Al-G Rhythm. Most of the movie also gives viewers a field trip into the different properties Warner Bros have with Bron and Bugs gathering all the missing Looney Tunes for a big showdown in Tune World.

It’s a straightforward “fetch quest” and basketball game film all rolled into one.

There’s a lot of similarities with the OG movie and a lot of difference too and the filmmakers also loved to point out how different things were before and how things are now. There was even a passing comment about “something that happened like this 25 years ago”. Pretty neat.


I thought the movie was a fun eye-candy movie simply because it opened the floodgates of all sorts of characters from the HBO and Warner stable. I had a ton of fun pointing out and looking at some iconic characters watching the Tune Squad and the Goon Squad battle it out in the basketball court. The animation scenes which was around half of the movie was impressive too and the shift from 2D animation to CG animation was top notch. But then we had to see the badly animated, bulked up, beefed up Don Cheadle and I had to take it back.

Also what’s up with Lola Bunny’s CGI transformation? Was her 2D version so offensive that they thought they needed to “loosen” up her clothes? It’s a kids movie, they wouldn’t care less about that to be honest.

While the new baddies aka the Goon Squad are impressive, they pale in comparison to the Monstars. The monstars had more character these guys are really just computer generated monstrosities. But hey at least those little critters make an appearance here. Also that lack of character and depth can be pointed back to the writing. But they do get a pass because the real villain here is Don Cheadle and that fake buff CG he gets.


One of the first  Space Jam’s strengths was in the songs that appeared in the film. And while “Legacy” had good tracks, it wasn’t as strong as the original. They bothered to give the Monstars an unofficial theme back in the 90s but for this outing nothing. My only real gripe is they could have added a nice track at the end much like R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”.

I did have a lot of fun watching Porky Pig drop mad rap in the middle of the basketball game.

Easter Eggs

You really can’t call all the references here as easter eggs, I’d like to refer to them as the entire damn Easter. There’s just so many from Superman to Lola having her own test to become an Amazon and join Wonder Woman to even Austin Powers. And WB also saved up on money by doing cameos from famous film villains with actors and actresses playing the part.

Oh and that special guest appearance by somebody from the first movie was DOPE!

Space Jam A New Legacy Review – Verdict


I’m giving Space Jam 2 an 8 because it was entertaining but sorely lacked really kick-ass music. They also did a Ready Player One by stuffing scenes with too many things and going to so much WB territory. There were times like it felt like they were just doing a really huge flex in terms of animation and their IP. And I’m sorry to compare this but the first Space Jam was very linear in its storytelling and you really didn’t have to explain other bits and small elements to kids who watch with you. For this one, I had to explain a LOT of things to my kid so we’re just on the same level. Liked the whole NBA Jam game concept but it got muddled up pretty quick.

Oh and LeBron was just OK here. Not his finest work in the celluloid because that belongs with his role as himself in Amy Fisher and Bill Hader’s Trainwreck movie years ago. He was naturally funny in that one.

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