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First Look at the Wonder Woman Nubia Funko Pop

Funko and DC Comics has released a first look at the Wonder Woman Nubia funko pop figure which will be part of the FunKon2021 line up of figures.

Its about time DC fans get a new release for the growing Wonder Woman funko pops. I mean we already have the Biker Chick Wonder Woman and all the other types of Diana Prince variants but we’ve never had Nubia.

Who is Nubia?

The character has various origin stories from different eras of DC Comics but the original one which has her revealed to be the real Wonder Woman or rather the original holder of the mantle of “Wonder Woman”. It turns out that Queen Hippolyta had formed two babies from clay one colored white and another black. The god of war Mars/Ares takes Nubia away from the Queen Hippolyta. Nubia was then raised to be the ultimate weapon against the Amazons. Mars and Nubia then invades Paradise Island with an island of their own called “Slaughter Island”.

Diana arrives in the island and spots Mars’ ring on Nubia’s finger. She destroys that and breaks Mars’ control over Nubia. The two sisters then team-up to fight Mars who then retreats.

Will you be getting this Nubia Funko Pop figure? Pass or cop? Leave a comment below and follow me on social media at @thefanboyseo!

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