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Kaho Shibuya calls out Anime Matsuri organizers for poor treatment and non-compensation

Cosplayer and otaku Kaho Shibuya recently shared her experience with the anime convention called Anime Matsuri where she posted that she stood for hours and was not paid for the additional stuff she did for an online segment.

According to the cosplayer, the organizers of the Anime Matsuri event asked her to hold the iPad and be the interpreter for a 3 hour zoom call as they build a 1/1 figure on site. After the event she asked for some compensation but got ignored by the people behind the convention. At the end of her post, she stated that she won’t return for this event again.

Here’s the original post from her Twitter account:

Kaho Shibuya as Android 18

Other cosplayers and personalities were also quick to comment and chime in about what happened to Shibuya like D-Piddy who writes:

I was supposed to be a guest there too, but even after confirming with me they just stopped replying to my messages. They could’ve told me they changed their mind but they just ghosted

Check out the other comments about her recent experience:

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