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Leonardo becomes He-Man and more in these concept art for cancelled MOTU/TMNT crossover

Leonardo becomes the new champion of Eternia in a bunch of concept art for the scrapped/cancelled MOTU/TMNT comic book crossover as done by the talented Freddie E. Williams II. Lets check out the art he’s shared online and a little bit of detail surrounding the project and its eventual cancellation.

The writer/ artist recently guested on a podcast and spoke about the project. Check out the Raging Bullet podcast episode with Freddie E. Williams II HERE.

And let’s also check out the gorgeous artwork he’s done for the MOTU/TMNT crossover that never happened.

He also came up with MOTU-inspired looks for the Turtles like Leonardo and Raphael looking rad with their He-Man look complete with furry underwear/ trunks.

Leo even gets to recreate the classic transformation pose He-Man does everytime he comes to the screen…

Leo also gets all the fun as he also gets to ride on Battlecat.

Meanwhile Donatello and Michaelangelo have other MOTU characters as the source of inspiration for their design…

Even He-Man gets a nifty Ninja redesign to simulate the Ninja Turtles’ look.

He-Man Ninja Turtle

And lets not forget Skeletor and Shredder, who will obviously team-up in this cancelled crossover…

Also I’m guessing through some weird magic, the two gets fused into one being who calls himself Shreddator.

There were other team ups that fans of both classic franchises could expect like Master Splinter and the Sorceress…

Splinter and Sorceress

Or Shredder working together with Evil-Lyn.

Shredder and Evil-Lyn

While we’re still on the subject of the baddies teaming up, here’s one with Bebop and Rocksteady together with another fan-favorite villain, Beast Man.

And the mandatory shot of Leonardo and He-Man


Leonardo and He-Man

And speaking of mandatory, we cap off this MOTU/TMNT crossover post with the obligatory splash page done by Freddie E. Williams II of the Turtles and their allies like Casey Jones and April O’Neil together with He-Man and a number of the Masters of the Universe.

Like Williams, I’m also hopeful that we get to see this project revived once more sometime down the line and there will always be hope too because these two franchises are decades-old and still massively popular. Even He-Man and the MOTU get a new lease on life with Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation series.

What are your thoughts about this crossover? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!


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