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McFarlane Toys Superman Prime announced

McFarlane Toys just dropped a first look another must have action figure in the form of the McFarlane Toys Superboy Prime figure!!

Mcfarlane toys Superboy prime

Superboy Prime joins new releases from McFarlane Toys already announced like Lobo and Reverse Flash. No price or official release date yet but I am certainly picking this up already. Various online sellers are pegging this at PhP1400.

And in case you need a little history lesson about this guy, here’s a brief summary.

SB Prime was introduced during Crisis on Infinite Earth where he was the only being with powers from a world called Earth Prime. All the DC characters were just comic book characters until Earth Prime also became a target of the Anti-Monitor forcing Clark Kent to join the heroes in the final battle. In the Post-Crisis reality, he joins Alexander Luthor of Earth 3 and Superman and Lois Lane of Earth 2 in a pocket dimension.

In Infinite Crisis, he punches a hole in reality causing ripple effects and ushering the return of these characters with the goal of returning the Multiverse because the new Post-Crisis world is just too dark and gritty.

He ends up becoming the bad guy, gets imprisoned, becomes a Sinestro Corps member, got zapped to the end of time, fights Superman and the Legion of Superheroes, gets in all sorts of shenanigans, ends up in Shazam’s prison world and there’s so much happening with this guy. Swear this is a fun villain. Definitely worth collecting. 

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