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BizHub Helps Filipinos Set-up Their Dream Businesses

With the aim to educate and provide the public easy to access information on business registration and compliances, Bizhub Philippines has created a website aimed to be the ultimate source of information for anyone wanting to start a business in the country

“The first step to starting your business is going through the business registration process which is no easy feat as it requires a lot of paperwork, preparation and research. With information at a click, or touch away, entrepreneurs should be able to access information on the internet to keep their business on track,” says Aldrin Enrile, general manager of Bizhub Philippines.

Bizhub’s website has dedicated sections to help one determine the right type of business registration suitable for any individual or group seeking to register their business. “We have a calendar of reminders of their submissions and even free learning events which can help improve their skills,” prides Enrile.

Bizhub has partnered up with several companies, law firms, accounting firm, digital marketing and even with a bank to serve the needs of its growing clientele.

Based on information gathered from a survey conducted by Bizhub’s Client Solutions Managers among 50 first-time business owners, lack of knowledge and proper dissemination of information on business registration and the responsibilities that come after it is the common problem among entrepreneurs.

The survey also revealed that 6 out of 10 first-time business owners assumed that if the company did not generate any income for the month, they need not submit their monthly report to the BIR.

“Entrepreneurs get too excited when they have a grand business plan. Their first hurdle is to register their business. But as soon as they get their permit, they think they’re good to go. Startups with little knowledge on compliances are not aware of the reports they have to submit to government agencies,” explains Enrile.

To book a free consultation on business registration, accounting, or anything business related, go to www.bizhub.com.ph or call their landline at 63-2-3224-2050.

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