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Dwayne Johnson announces Black Adam final week of production, does epic pose

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson has shared a recent post which he announces that the Black Adam movie is entering its final week of production.

The Rock shared a photo of him doing a classic Black Adam pose with a lengthy post which also talks about the technology used for shooting the film.

Here’s what he posted on his social media pages including his Twitter.


He writes about the Black Adam final week of production:


In our final week of shooting BLACK ADAM⚡️ our director, Jaume Collet Serra designed very cutting edge and cool shots. This advanced robot arm called a BOLT is the fastest in the world with a high speed PHANTOM camera that shoots me at an insane 960 frames per second (normally movies are shot at 24 frames per second). If you know the comic mythology of BLACK ADAM, then you know/ His rage comes from pain. His pain comes from the loss of his wife and children.

He is now the most unstoppable force in the DC Universe or ANY endgame universe 😈 A real privilege to bring Black Adam to life with cutting edge technology with my director Jaume Collet-Serra and our Director of Photography, Lawrence Sher and their hungry and brilliant team of filmmakers and storytellers.

Do not go gentle…




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