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Onmyoji Arena x Sanrio crossover officially begins today!

This summer, the annual fireworks season will begin on July 2 in Onmyoji Arena, the fair and competitive MOBA mobile game. There will be exciting events and awesome rewards that players can claim, and Sanrio Characters appearances will be available for a limited time! Experience various facilities and complete the designated quests in the Fireworks Carnival to obtain many gifts! This July, come have fun during the fireworks season in Heian-kyo! Here’s more details about the Onmyoji Arena x Sanrio crossover!

The Onmyoji Arena x Sanrio crossover officially begins today!

Come enjoy an extremely cute fireworks season this year! In the Fireworks Carnival, Hiyoribou has changed into a new outfit that incorporates elements of Hello Kitty as she makes a wish that the weather every summer night will be just as fine, and that everyone will be happy. Shiro has also donned a Gudetama chef’s hat and transformed into a talent chef, serving happiness to all customers in the form of delicious food. As one of the main contents in this crossover event, Hiyoribou and Shiro’s Sanrio Characters appearances will be available to purchase for two weeks, with a 12% discount during the first week!

Apart from the cute appearances, the Fireworks Carnival will be available for a limited time during the fireworks season. During the event, log in to the game or complete matches to obtain lots of activity rewards. There are also stall quests prepared at the various stalls in the carnival. Apart from obtaining rewards when you complete the stall quests, you will also be able to see stories about the interactions between your friends in Heian-kyo and the Sanrio characters at the carnival.

And of course, a carnival would not be complete with a Bargain Store. During the Fireworks Carnival event, various in-game content themed around the Sanrio characters will be available in the Bargain Store, including expressions, avatar frames, return cursed seals, seal effects, Sakurako’s Lobby appearance, and trailing pets. Various discounts, rebates, and surprise welfare rewards will add to your enjoyment of the Heian-kyo caranival as well.

Daruma Blessing has been updated, with all-new royal appearances available!

We have also sincerely prepared some welfare for you this fireworks season! On July 2, Komatsu and Takiyasha Hime’s all-new royal appearances will be added to Daruma Blessing. You can exchange for these appearances using Daruma Tokens obtained from draws. You are guaranteed an appearance on your 5th, 10th, 20th, and 30th draws.

There will be various discounts, welfare, prizes, and cute Sanrio Characters appearances during this fireworks season in Heian-kyo. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information about the game and event previews, please follow the Onmyoji Arena official Facebook page and Twitter account!



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