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One Piece chapter 1018 proves how powerful Jinbe is

Less than a week after going social media official about being an official member of the Strawhat Pirates, Jinbe is rocking this week’s chapter, One Piece chapter 1018, and shows that he’s done with all the racist stuff thrown at him.

Throughout the manga, fishmen often gets the short end of the stick and also gets regularly treated unfairly. So in the ongoing fight between Jinbe and Who’s Who, the respectable fishman shows his tiger-like opponent who’s boss after doing an impassioned speech about knowing history.

Let’s take a closer look at that awesome punch he brought down on Who’s Who.

Look at the way they illustrated Who’s Who’s reaction to Jinbe’s Gargoyle Tile Fist attack.

And in case you haven’t caught up with the current chapters of One Piece or you just want to know who is Who’s Who, you can check this link HERE. But basically, he’s a world government guy and works for CP9, the same group that kidnapped Robin before and who’s boss, Rob Lucci was previously trampled by Monkey D. Luffy.

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