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Seeing the light of hassle-free banking with UnionBank

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) and FCB Manila’s new film brings Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy to life to help Filipinos see the light and save them from the hassles of traditional banking for good.

Now live on UnionBank’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, “Heaven” is a follow-up to last year’s big brand relaunch video that saw Filipinos celebrating their extreme joy in finally discovering a different way to bank with UnionBank.

With “Heaven,” Virgil takes Dante and the viewers on a tour to see the sorrows of those who still choose to suffer with the slow and difficult ways of traditional banking.

With tongue-in-cheek, parodic humour, Director Marius Talampas captures the world of trouble and hassle that a lot of Filipinos experience needlessly. This world is brought to life by production designer Whammy Alcazaren.

“At UnionBank, we believe in putting the customers first, even if this means challenging norms,” UnionBank’s First Vice President and Digital Marketing Head in Siapno shares. “This bold view translates to the way we want to communicate our products and services. We want to make the viewers open their eyes to the reality that they don’t have to suffer from bad banking, that they can actually bank the way live through UnionBank.”

FCB Manila’s Chief Executive Officer Lizette Santos adds, “We realized that there are some banking pains and hassles that we just accept as fact. It turns out that these pains are self-inflicted as we discover that there’s a different way to bank.”

On the creation of the story, Creative Director Rab Evangelista puts it simply: “Inspiration can come from anywhere, even from hell.”

Come, reader. Let UnionBank show you around. Watch the spot here:


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