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#CancelPaoLul is trending on after BTS Army rally against him

Trending story and trending hashtag right now is #CancelPaoLul as part of a cancel campaign by BTS army or fans of the popular Youtuber/ Social media celebrity.

Ok so for starters, this is what happened. He posted a video on his youtube channel relating to the BTS Meal. IIt was actually a BTS Meal review…

Then, just two hours today, he also focuses on the cancel culture that BTS fans are doing to him

Here are some of the things that’s been written about the hashtag #CancelPaoLul:

And some people really don’t know who the guy is, let alone why he’s trending…

So it looks like people are actually wanting to see this hashtag. So fans are definitely happy that he’s trending.

“You can’t cancel a cancer”

Whether you hate the dude or not, you have to admit that getting the top spot for trending topic #CancelPaoLul and about the BTS meal definitely gave him more clout.

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