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Kaka Review – Sunshine Guimary, Jerald Napoles and Ion Perez

Is the “braless wonder” and new talent from Viva Films, Sunshine Guimary‘s new movie worth seeing on VivaMax? Here’s my Kaka review which was directed by G.B. Sampedro and also stars Ion Perez and Jerald Napoles.

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The film’s definitely risque and geared more towards adults because of the mature nature of the subject. Plus it stars Sunshine Guimary who’s packaged both herself and Viva as the newest sexy star.

I liked the supporting cast in this film. Rosanna Roces here is Kaka’s mother while the iconic Gina Parreno plays Kaka’s sexually enlightened grandmother. All three of them suffer from a curse that prevents them from getting an orgasm which results in an unhappy sex life and love life. That’s also ironic because Kaka is a radio DJ that caters to love, sex and relationship problems.

Most of the movie aims to point Kaka to this mystery man who managed to make her get her big O during a party aboard a yacht. She thinks its her office crush much to the annoyance of her best friend played by Jerald Napoles who is also set to appear in “Ang Babaeng Walang Pakiramdam”.

There’s also a ton of cameos here ranging from the different members of the Viva Hot Babes to some of Viva’s newest recruits. Its fun for the novelty too. I could’ve sworn the party host was Dimples Romana but I could be wrong.

I gotta hand it to Sampedro and the team for trying out different ways to do exposition and flashbacks like using an animated version of the classic Red Riding Hood to show how she lost her virginity (with boobs popping all over the place no less).

The humor here is hit or miss but I did laugh out loud in the scenes where Napoles goes through a moment and there’s a song playing in the background. They do breaking the fourth wall very well. But much of the jokes arent delivered well or have been executed better and not even the mighty Gina Pareno or the iconic Osang can save much of the scenes.

Now I’m not sure about the sound quality for the theatrical release but the copy they have available via Viva Max is just unbalanced. I’ve had a number of instances where I couldn’t even understand what they were saying. So yeah, bad sound mixing.

And to answer every male reader who are thinking this- yes there’s a couple of topless scenes featuring the Cebuana beauty but they are done rather well. This is after all a sex-comedy.

Guimary looks great ( and I mean that with utmost respect) but she needed a LOT of fine tuning especially when it comes to her lines. Again, had a hard time understanding what she was saying or having to do a double take just to make out what she said. Both she and Perez were just phoning it in honestly but I did have lowered expectations about this. Entertaining? Yes. Could have been better? Could have been better.

Kaka Review – Verdict


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