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Why the Huawei Vision S is your Best Smart TV for Modern Living

The Huawei Vision S redefines TV with its bold features that will give you #BeyondTV for entertainment, connectivity, and functionality

The Huawei Vision S is the very first ‘Future TV’ of the brand to join Huawei’s very own Ecosystem that encompasses the 1+8+N strategy whose goal is to provide consumers, most especially Filipinos, the chance to experience Seamless AI Life. This strategy works to upgrade user experience and connectivity between multiple Huawei devices that enable a start towards intelligent living of the modern age. 

Huawei’s Vision S is a key player in the said Ecosystem — this device can act as the centerpiece of the home which covers your lifestyle whether it be for leisure, entertainment, productivity, and even connectivity! Read on below to see how this ‘Future TV’ will make you think twice:


MeeTime on the Huawei Vision S supports 1080p crystal clear video calls via this feature to any Huawei devices like smartphones, MatePads, MateBooks and even to another Vision S unit! Yes, that’s right! The Huawei Vision S is the first ever device that supports TV Calls through its 1920 x 1080 FHD display. MeeTime video calls on Vision S feature automatic bandwidth adjustment, which ensures that even when the network connection is slow, the system will detect the presence of a subpar network, and reduce the resolution to ensure that your video (and your partners)’s video remains as smooth as ever. accordingly, to ensure that video remains smooth as ever. With the Huawei Vision S, your online parties, gathering or catch-up with friends, family, online dates and more can be bigger, clearer, and even smoother with this fantastic feature.

MeeTime on your Huawei phone can also be easily transferred on the big screen with ease giving you the freedom to enjoy audiovisual communication at any time. Plus, you can initiate MeeTime with the Vision S’ built-In voice commands!


If you’re a fan of selfies, the Vision S can act as your wide-screen camera that captures every detail of your living space! Got a room full of people? With this 13MP wide-screen magnetic camera, no one will be ever out of the picture! No need for additional lens or selfie sticks, just click and go on your Huawei Vision S to see everyone clear and crisp in full high definition glory. This camera can also maybe be your ticket to content creation as well! Just roll in the camera and voila! You now have your own personal camera assistant with its 1080p clarity. You can also use the Huawei Vision S as your main screen whenever you’re doing meetings and using other video calls like Zoom, for effective efficiency and connectivity.


Conveniently, this 13MP camera is detachable, so you just have to physically remove the camera if you feel like it. The magnetic design makes it easy to assemble amd readjust to give you the perfect shooting angle. Plus, if you don’t feel like it, you can remove the camera and snap it back on for your convenience.



To maximize your viewing pleasure, the Huawei Vision S series devices come equipped with a 120Hz display to provide users with a new level of viewing immersion. When compared with 60Hz displays, 120Hz displays offer double the screen scanning speed and turnover speed for the liquid crystal molecules, and thanks also to its Smart MEMC, the Vision S is capable of inserting 24/30 fps video into 120 frames on an intelligent basis, effectively eliminating residual shadow, and resolving the longstanding issues of ghosting and vision fatigue. This means that regardless of what’s being played, from fight scenes in movies, to fast-paced action in games, to shots on goal, everything is rendered more smoothly and with optimal stability. The Huawei Vision S detects the content on you’re playing then tailors it on intelligent detection to produce the most immersive and exhilarating viewing experience just for you. Plus, with its Stunning Color with 92% DCI-P3 wide color gamut and Advanced Dynamic Contrast,  you can be sure that every colour and hue is on par, frame by frame.

This Future TV is TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and TÜV Rheinland Flicker-free eye care certified which gives you and your family optimal comfort whenever viewing content on the big screen lessening the risks of long-term vision damage, headaches, and other alarming symptoms caused by viewing fatigue. This stroboscopic technology is embedded in the Vision S for viewers, most especially children to enjoy movies, games and other content with extra care.


The Huawei Vision S also packs cutting-edge sound enhancement technology and the latest and most advanced audio processing algorithm, combined with psychoacoustic and auditory perception models, to fine-tune its immersive audio performance that is delivered by Huawei Sound. Now, you can hear every bell, timbre and bases as your Huawei Vision S can also act as your home’s central speaker so you can enjoy chill after tunes listening without the need to connect expensive speakers to enjoy immersive music supported by 4x 10 W speakers each with 1L Sound Cavity.

With the AI Voice Command installed in the Huawei Vision S, you can turn your TV into the central speaker for your home. HUAWEI Vision S utilizes an ultra-sensitive 6-mic array, which is capable of accurately detecting human voices within 5 meter, enabling you to initiate playback and perform other tasks when your hands are occupied, making effortless voice command your go-to when you need a break and without lifting a finger.


The Huawei Vision S also improves overall home productivity with several smart features. Running on the all-new HarmonyOS operating system, the Huawei Vision S brings an intelligent voice assistant and unique cross-device collaborative capabilities. It’s also great that this feature on the Huawei Vision S Series is also available for Non-Huawei smartphones as well! Users just need to use an Android phone running on Android 8.0 or later and they need to simply download the Huawei Vision Home App to get a glimpse of all these cool and new smart features!

The One-Hop Projection feature of the device enables user to project whatever’s on their phone with one-tap on the remote! This feature also keeps you protected since none of your private notifications will pop up on the big screen! Now you are able to share any new found content on your phone with just one tap. For IOS users, they may also avail of this cool feature through the support of third-party apps which enable projection as well.

This feature can also help amplify your home or learn game, enabling you to recreate your Zoom or classroom sessions on the big screen. Plus, it’s also very helpful if you have meetings giving you bonus points to project presentations flawlessly.

For gamers,The Vision S also has pre-installed games such as Basketball Slam which is equipped with built-in Distributed Gaming technology which makes your phone turn into a gamepad with you enjoying its full immersive glory on the big screen instead! Now, mobile gaming fans can rejoice and enjoy at the same time.

Of course, not leaving behind the signature Huawei Share. Like all other  Huawei NFC-compatible devices, the Huawei Vision S is enabled with Huawei Share that helps you seamlessly transfer any of files, photos, videos, music, and even apps from your phone to the big screen with just a single tap. This feature enables users to live seamlessly and smart with the hassle of too many cords or even connection problems – just tap and share away!

Now, all these cool features give you a glimpse on what #BeyondTV is – a smart device that encompasses entertainment, fun, productivity, connectivity giving you Seamless AI Life. 

The Huawei Vision S’ 55-inch model is priced starting at Php 32, 999 for cash/straight with purchase which comes with a bundle containing a FREE Smart Box worth P3,999  that houses your favorite apps such as Netflix,Youtube, Google Services and more For those who are looking for a wider and bigger screen, the Huawei Vision S 65-inch model is priced starting at Php 49, 999  for cash/straight and comes with a FREE Smart Box as well and free delivery until June 30, 2021.

You can purchase your very own Future TV through Huawei Concept Stores, major Home Appliance Stores such as Abensons and AllHome nationwide. Interested consumers can also purchase these online via  the Huawei Store, Lazada, or Shopee!

Users are also up for a treat as you can experience ordering your very own unit through the HUAWEI Easy Buy Experience which offers extraordinary perks! This purchase experience allows users to reserve their very own unit online and head to any of our stores to checkout your purchase and enjoy Huawei’s in-store exclusive installment plans and store deals while having easy access to other Huawei products!  Learn more about this through this link.

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