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What’s Next After Wild Rift’s All Random All Mid or ARAM Testing?

The devs from Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift has discussed what’s the next move after the success of their ARAM testing or All Random All Mid testing in the MOBA game.

Here’s what they had to say:

Hi everyone! With All Random All Mid now at the end of its first testing phase, we wanted to share some thoughts about the mode so far, and what’s up next.

As a reminder, this phase was for testing a few things: whether ARAM was stable, whether players found it fun, and whether it’s a mode that will stand the test of time in Wild Rift.


ARAM IS POPULAR: We’re thrilled with how many of you have given ARAM a try. ARAM contributed to nearly 20% of all games in some regions, which blew away our expectations of an early test. We’re still figuring out if it’s something you want to play for a long time, but we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and a ton of you are checking it out, so thank you!

GAME LENGTH: Overall, we think game length is in a good spot! Initially we wanted games to be in the 12 minute range, and they’re running a little longer than this on average (we’re working on it)—but what we’re trying to figure out is whether slightly longer games still feel good to play, and if a much shorter experience should be a different mode entirely.

GAME STABILITY: While we saw a few bugs and crashes here and there, we had no major problems that caused us to turn off ARAM, disable champions, or react to other game-breaking issues. Hell yeah!

BALANCE: While we tested out our ARAM-specific balancing a few times through this phase, we’re looking to invest more here. We don’t know what that looks like just yet, but we’ll be investigating more nuanced balancing, ARAM-specific item and rune changes, and unique loadouts to ensure the game is more balanced and fair.

INVISIBLE UNITS: Speaking of balance, units with stealth and camouflage abilities don’t have clear counters in Wild Rift’s ARAM. We’re thinking about how to keep sneaky champs under control without making them useless.

ECOSYSTEM: We want to make sure ARAM feels more connected to the broader experience of playing the game. Specific missions or achievements, maybe? More rewards for playing? Our goal is to have playing ARAM feel like it’s a key part of Wild Rift.

Because of your feedback and support, I’m thrilled to announce that ARAM will be back in early June for another four-week run. It’ll look pretty similar to the previous run overall with a few balance tweaks and changes. We think there’s a long life for ARAM in Wild Rift, and we’re hoping another extended testing window will give us the confidence we need to one day make the mode a permanent fixture. See you soon!


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