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We’re finally getting an Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel Marvel Legends figure

Toy collectors and movie fans who were looking for an Avengers: Endgame Captain Marvel figure from Hasbro were disappointed a few years ago when she did  it make it to the cut of characters being turned into an action figure for the Bro-Thor build-a-figure. But  now it looks like the Hasbro gods are happy as they will be releasing an Avengers: Endgame Captain Marvel figure bundled with an updated Rescue armor.

Here’s what Hasbro had to say about their upcoming product:

Captain Marvel uses her incredible powers to battle evil in the ultimate fight for the fate of the universe. Outfitted with repulsors and a unibeam, Pepper’s Rescue Armor is ready to step into battle against Thanos. With over 80 years of entertainment history, Marvel has become a cornerstone of fan collections around the world. With the Marvel Legends Series, fan favorite Marvel characters are designed with premium detail and articulation for posing and display in collections. From figures to vehicles to premium roleplay items, the Marvel Legends Series offers elite character-inspired products for Marvel fans and collectors. Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.

Check out the Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel Marvel Legends 2 pack with Rescue…

It still boggles me why they didn’t release this initially? I mean we actually got a rehash of the 2012 era Captain America in the wave 2.

What do you guys think of the upcoming Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel Marvel Legends? Will it be a cop or a drop? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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