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The Trial of Magneto story arc begins August with John Romita Jr., set to divide Krakoa

The X-Men and the rest of the mutant denizens of Krakoa will be rocked hard once more with big political turmoil and schism with the upcoming story line The Trial of Magneto with returning artist John Romita Jr.

Romita recently returned from his exclusive contract with DC Comics to do more X-Men work and that’s what the House of (M)ouse did with him, commissioning a promotional art for the story which will start in August 2021 amongst all the X-Men books.

Check out the full image drawn by John Romita Jr. below.

Marvel promised more details to be revealed next week but judging from the art it looks like the Master of Magnetism is clearly on the run from something or someone and has ditched his fancy costume for an overcoat instead, a clear indicator when somebody in media is hiding.

Hopefully we get to learn why he’s on the run and what exactly from his checkered past is he running from.

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