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Disney reveals new and more realistic lightsaber for their Star Wars themed cruise

A new video released to promote Disney’s Star Wars themed hotel showed off a new lightsaber thats more realistic than other products that are out in the market today.

This will be available in Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience much like Galaxy’s Edge attraction only its most parts of a hotel… In Disney World.

What makes this new Star Wars lightsaber the most realistic from other merch already out is that it says what it does in the video below, which is retracts and extends just like in the Star Wars films, games and comics.

Check out what I’m talking about below:

According to several sources, the patent that Disney filled for the product makes it look like a motorized measuring tape from a galaxy far, far, away. Meaning there’s a mechanism that extends and retracts a colored plastic to make it look and feel like a lightsaber.

No word yet when this would be out in the market but as a fanboy, I definitely would like to have one of those especially since it also has the sounds of a lightsaber when its ignited and even swung around.

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