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Jason Aaron’s Avengers prepares for World War She-Hulk in July

Jason Aaron continues to flesh out concepts for his Avengers run and now he’s going to focus on Jennifer Walters aka the She-Hulk in a storyline called World War She-Hulk.

According to various sources including BleedingCool.com, this story will revolve around the Winter Guard attacking Avengers Mountain to capture She-Hulk and put her in trial in Russia. This will also lead to whatever Aaron plans to do when we hit the milestone issue which is Avengers # 50.

The cover for Avengers # 46 also depicts Walters now looking more monstrous as compared to before and more like her Savage She-Hulk persona all chained up with the Russian superteam called the Winter Guard looking on.

Aaron also promises to delve more in Red Widow and the mysterious Red Room as World War She-Hulk chapters roll out.

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