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Ultra-Realistic Football Game (iOS, Android & PC) Vive le Football from NetEase Games, Regional Closed Test Open for Sign Up

NetEase Games announces the new football game Vive le Football will start its regional closed test (iOS, Android & PC) in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore, from 21st to 26th April. NetEase Games also provides a first look at its gameplay trailer.

Vive le Football

Watch the Vive le Football gameplay trailer here:

With NetEase Games’ self-developed innovative engine, this game builds an authentic football world with a high degree of freedom. Utilizing an excellent Motion Matching Engine, Reinforcement Learning AI, Motion Capture and other technologies, Vive le Football presents excellent graphics and realistic, detailed actions in its beta iteration. In addition to classic real-time competition, players can also experience innovative club management gameplay and street football gameplay during the test phase.

Sign up for the regional closed test

The regional closed test starts in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore, from 21st to 26th April for iOS, Android and PC. This test is accessible to only 800 players. Opportunity knocks but once! To register your interest, please complete the survey below:


Please note that the survey will end on 8th April. The selected players will receive an email with test details and download access. The invites will be sent between 13th and 20th April.

Immersive gameplay and innovative technology, a hyper-realistic football world

The use of images and names of the football players in this game is under license from FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV. In addition, Vive le Football also obtained official license by A.C. Milan. Player movements are generated by live motion capture. With the self-developed engine by NetEase Games, fan favorites are accurately reproduced with their appearances, expressions, and classic moves.

Through painstaking simulation of professional players and a strategic review of classic football matches, the AI players in Vive le Football behave as real ones: They cooperate with players to complete offensive or defensive strategies to counter and out-manoeuvre their opponent’s play style.

As a football game emphasizing competition, Vive le Football also introduces an innovative street football mode. Each round lasts for 3 minutes without foul-calling, so players can enjoy the “rough” thrill of tackles with their friends in a quick pick-up match.

In addition to the pitch, Vive le Football implements an immersive, interactive club scene, with a fan forum for free discussion. Join the beta test and create your own free football world!

For the test details or more information, please follow the official Vive le Football website and social media:

Official Website: https://www.vivelefootball.com/

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ViveleFootball.en

Official YouTube:




Test information:

1. Platform: iOS, Android, PC

2. Region: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore

3. Language: English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian

4. System requirements:

– iOS:

iOS6 and above

– Android:

Android8.0 and above

CPU – SDM450 or MTK MT6765 64bit and above

RAM – 2G and above

The test is currently available only in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore. Managers from other regions will not be able to join. We appreciate your understanding.

5. Participant Cap: 800

6. Survey End Time: 2021/04/8 23:59(UTC+7)

7. Qualification Announcing Time: 2021/04/13 – 2021/04/20

8. Test Time: 2021/04/21 2:00PM – 2021/04/26 8:00PM(UTC+7)


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