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Heroes Reborn turns Gwen Stacy into Night-Gwen, Nighthawk’s successor

Marvel’s upcoming one-shot Night-Gwen aims to flesh out the Heroes Reborn world with a story about Gwen Stacy in this alternate world.

The oneshot will be written by Vita Ayala with art by Farid Karami and covers by David Nakayama.

In this alternate reality, Gwen Stacy has an alter ego and that is Nightbird who pretty much takes over the mantle or at least operates in homage to Squadron Supreme member Nightawk. Check out the design for the character below.

I love the look they designed for Nightbird / Night-Gwen. They also made sure that the design has similarities with Nighthawk while at the same time convertible to make her look like her own woman.

During the day, Dr. Gwendolyn Stacy is Ravencroft Asylum’s most prominent psychiatrist. However, by night, she’s transformed into a high-flying vigilante known to all as Nightbird. This Heroes Reborn one-off explains how Stacy became a superhero in this alternative reality, and exactly what Kyle Richmond, AKA the Nighthawk, has to do with her origin story as Nightbird hunts down a new menace named the Jackal.

“I’ve always loved these types of stories, and being asked to write a re-imagined Gwen Stacy is such a thrill! It was a really fun chance to get to explore and play with boundaries with a new version of an incredibly iconic character. Plus, the team had a lot of fun putting in little Easter Eggs for everyone to find!”

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