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So what’s the name of the jaeger in Pacific Rim: The Black?

So what’s the name of the Jaeger in Pacific Rim: The Black, the new anime series on Netflix and the latest addition to the Pacific Rim franchise.

Apparently, the name of this jaeger is Atlas Destroyer. Now check out these nifty cool figures for the Pacific Rim: The Black.

This is a premium Bandai figure, a Robot Spirits figure! 

The Atlas Destroyer Figure stands just about 6.7″ tall. It includes interchangeable hands, a Saber Chain, and an interchangeable Saber Chain arm. The figure will be priced at 3,850 Yen (about $36 USD). It will be released in September 2021 in Japan. We’ll update if and when a US or worldwide release is announced.Check out some new photos after the jump.

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