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Solenn Heussaff getting mixed reactions over her recent IG post featuring informal settlers

Solenn Heussaff is getting mixed reactions over a photo she shared on Instagram.

The photo in questiojn (posted above) showed Solenn looking fab with her background of plants and rugs while the photo was set in the slums.

People didn’t like it on Twitter and IG calling it “tone deaf” and “insensitive”.

In fact it had become such a big fuss that the Kapuso actress actually started deleting some comments which was pointed out by a follower and was also commented on by the actress and TV host.

Of course there were still a lot who thought that the art was provocative and was actually meant to rile up people. There were still people who weren’t convinced, citing Solenn’s previous works and her tendencies to focus on “poverty porn”.

Solenn eventually posted a sort of explainer for her art which you can see below.

Makes sense.

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