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Japanese Godzilla vs Kong poster follows traditional Godzilla poster look and feel

A new Japanese Godzilla vs Kong poster has surfaced online and it definitely looks and feels like a traditional Heisei era Godzilla poster.

The poster shows the two titans fighting underwater with a quarter of the poster showing the military ships scrambling above them. It also looks like they were being targeted by torpedoes. Godzilla is also rendered getting ready to do his iconic “Atomic Breath” in front of the king of Skull Island and the true protagonist in the film Kong: Skull Island.

Check out the trailer below:

And in case you missed one big detail about Kong’s new weapon, check out this video…

What do you think of Japanese Godzilla vs Kong poster?

Godzilla vs Kong is directed by Adam Wingard and stars Alexander Skaarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler and more. It opens March 2021 from Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros Pictures!

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