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Marvel Future Fight Update brings in more Dawn of X Costumes for the X-Men including Cable, Rogue, Gambit and X-23

A new Marvel Future Fight update has rolled in and not only does it pay tribute to 30 years of Deadpool in the game but it also brings in more Dawn of X era costumes for the current X-Men characters available in the game including Cable, Gambit, Rogue and X-23.

Check out the trailer for the February 2021 update for the game below.

I’ve actually been waiting for the Wolverine/ X-23 costume for quite some time now. It looks like I’ll start dropping money for the game once more to get this particular skin. It also makes sense that its branded as All New Wolverine but under the banner of “Dawn of X” because this was the costume that Laura Kinney wore when she went on a mission back in X-Men # 5 to see what’s up with the Children of the Vault.

We also get a new Cable skin, which is what the mutant military man looks like in the current X-Men books as well as in his solo book.

Meanwhile we also get the husband and wife tandem of Rogue and Gambit from the pages of Excalibur…

Marvel Future Fight is free to play and is developed by Netmarble. It’s available for both iOS and Android phones!

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