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Shin Ultraman Posters and trailer reveals new design and classic kaijus

Tsuburaya Productions has dropped several new stuff for the upcoming film Shin Ultraman which is coming later this year and produced by Evangelion and Shin Godzilla’s Hideaki Anno and directed by Shinji Higuchi!

The film has some serious pedigree too as I mentioned above, its going to be produced by Hideaki Anno, the man behind the surreal Evangelion series and directed by the Attack on Titan live-action film, Shinji Higuchi. It will star Takumi Saitoh, Masami Nagasawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima.

Shin Ultraman posters

While the first two posters that has been released didn’t have Ultraman or Shin Ultraman for that matter, it does give us a look at what our hero will be carrying most of the time. The words translate to “Have you become so fond of humans, Ultraman?”. It also features a dog tag, the iconic Beta Capsule and the Science Patrol pin.

Speaking of the classic Science Patrol, the second poster also features what looks to be the main Science Patrol team for the film…

I’m missing the classic orange uniform and the weird but neat helmet they use when they are on the field (yes they even wear the helmets while driving around the city, not just when piloting their aircrafts).

Watch the Shin Ultraman trailer released a few days ago below.

If you’re a big Ultraman fan then you’ll be familiar with the two monsters or kaiju that appeared in the trailer, namely Gabora and Neronga. We also see Ultraman in a sleeker looking costume and ditching the color timer in his chest, which could be something that fans could debate on.


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