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New Stills from Resident Evil 8 aka Resident Evil Village including that Giant Vampire Lady

An announcement video was posted recently by Capcom showcasing Resident Evil 8 aka Resident Evil Village and it included new scenes such as that scary looking and weirdly alluring unnamed giant vampire lady.

More details will be announced and revealed on January 21 according to the new video which also contained a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment featuring the Internet’s favorite vampire lady at the moment.

At first I wasn’t sure that the tall vampire lady really was tall but if you check the very first photo above, you’ll see that she really is towering over the other ghoulish looking ladies flanking her on both sides.


Speaking of ghoulish ladies, they also have their own creep factor, as it looks like their faces are tearing off or falling off…

It also looks like theyy can control moths or bugs.

Check out the video for the Resident Evil Showcase below

Resident Evil Village Announcement Trailer

Who could this tall vampire lady be and is she going to be the main villain or just another mid boss for the game? More importantly, will we finally get more details about this mysterious Chris Redfield character who first appeared in Resident Evil 7?

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